RêveUp Mentorship Program

Phase 2: Lift-Off

LinkedIn "Glow-Up" Workshop

Hosted by LinkedIn, join us for this workshop on best practices for building your personal brand on LinkedIn. You'll learn about trends, tools and how to catch an audience's attention on the platform.
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CV "Glow-Up" Workshop

Hosted by an HR representative and a recruiter, this workshop will allow you to take another look at your CV to make sure it is making you stand out as much as possible. You'll get insider tips and personalized recommendations on what to improve.
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Graduation & Job-dating Activity

We'll gather one last time to celebrate all that we've learned through the RêveUp program. We'll host a job-dating activity with potential employers and mentors, allowing you to practice pitching yourself and deploy your interview skills. Whether you're looking for your post-graduation job or merely exploring your next job move, you'll find value in the job-dating exercise.